Market Assessment

Painting a landscape of the market is the first step in many of our engagements. We don't just think outside the box in our market assessment work, we redefine the geometry of your market landscape and explore every dimension. Our research is designed to deliver targeted information we then use to answer your strategy questions and help you create practical and effective action plans.

Strategic Insights' purview includes your present and future customers, existing research, industry experts and your competitors—both current and potential. Building on this broad-spectrum understanding of your situation, we use primary and secondary research to craft workable strategies to accomplish your short- and long-term goals.

Case Study - Electronic Equipment Manufacturer

This company needed to evaluate market conditions impacting their European sales, marketing and distribution. We identified and quantified growth opportunities across all business units serving Europe, which improved the volume and balance of their sales channels.

In addition, we rigorously researched and evaluated a turnkey product and service solution to attract untapped business. Our findings led the company to make radical improvements to the way they sell products and service their installed base.