Brand Equity & ROI Modeling

Using advanced proprietary techniques, Strategic Insights assesses and quantifies brand drivers to help you clarify the marketing investment levels required to meet your sales target. Our exclusive model traces marketing investments through a set of performance measures to evaluate the efficiency of branding and marketing activities.

We help you fully understand the effectiveness of your marketing mix drivers, and we model "what if" marketing spending scenarios. This ROI modeling gives your brand a benchmark relative to your competitors and helps you better manage your return on investment in branding and marketing communications.

Case Study - Property & Casualty Insurer

This firm wanted to justify or eliminate marketing costs. We used marketing metrics to bring order to their tactical plan management and applied the quantitative rigor of our ROI model to their marketing investment. Calibrating the model to past experience and testing marketing tactic scenarios, we built economically meaningful endpoints and tied relationships to marketing spending.

We verified that around 70% of the client's marketing expenses were yielding the intended return, and suggested ways to reduce or shift expenses in areas that weren't. In addition to making well-grounded strategic and tactical decisions, the company implemented the ROI model as an ongoing tracking regimen. The model can be fine-tuned based on their experience, identifying areas where tactical choices don't meet expectations, and making any needed corrections.