Customer Satisfaction Measurement & Modeling

Delighting customers is the lifeblood of any customer-driven enterprise. Strategic Insights helps organizations maintain this customer focus by measuring and tracking customer satisfaction. Our approach combines top-level modeling techniques with carefully developed, standardized measures of satisfaction and its drivers. Our analysis explores the roots of satisfaction and dissatisfaction, including the preferences and drivers that influence the behavior of your current customers, your former customers and your competitors' customers.

We identify vulnerable customers, develop retention strategies and enhance brand-building efforts, and our retention and loyalty models have strengthened customer metrics for numerous clients. We also help you assess the link between employee satisfaction and customer satisfaction, giving you a clear operational direction that heightens your customer satisfaction efforts.

Case Study - Telecommunications Company

Our client suspected satisfaction with their customer service experience was low relative to their competition. They feared that poor performance would lead to customer churn and hurt their bottom line. We were engaged to assess how customer service representatives' performance impacted customer satisfaction.

We modeled the impact of seven drivers on overall satisfaction, intention to contact customer service again and intention to repurchase. The model gave deep insights into customer thinking and underscored the power of customer service representatives. Our analysis showed that while the company's performance lagged behind competitors in some key areas, they led in performance on several key economic drivers.

The findings enabled our client to make focused changes in customer service strategy, resulting in noticeable improvements in both their reputation and in customer satisfaction and loyalty. They continue to track customer satisfaction drivers and their performance relative to competition so that any gaps can be quickly identified and acted upon.