Employee Satisfaction Measurement & Modeling

Employees are the embodiment of your organization, and every interaction with a customer or prospect is a chance to help—or hinder—the efforts of your marketers and salespeople. Because our goal in working with you is to improve marketplace performance, we care deeply about how your employees feel about their jobs and their employer behind the scenes, and how those feelings impact the employee-customer dynamic.

In our employee satisfaction measurement and modeling work, we help you better identify and understand the factors that influence employee behavior and job satisfaction. Using this information, you can then target the satisfaction drivers that have the greatest impact on commitment, productivity and profitability. Our experience helping global corporations measure customer satisfaction uniquely qualifies us to help you put your best face forward.

Case Study - U.S. Customer Care Provider

We were engaged to annually assess and track employee satisfaction among customer service representatives. Strategic Insights' proprietary employee satisfaction model has helped this client enhance employee satisfaction for five years, through recommendations targeted at specific work environment practices. The increase in employee satisfaction has had a direct impact on customer satisfaction over the five-year tracking period.