Product Development

Strong brands have strong roots—the thoughtful, well-designed products and services that are a company's hallmark. Strategic Insights uses advanced analytical techniques to accelerate and hone development of your product.

The product development strategy we create for you is exactly that—for you. In our universe, one size does not fit all. We custom-craft a solution that's unique to your needs, using tools from our repertoire of highly flexible and powerful decision modeling techniques.

These approaches, which include partial profile conjoint, threshold modeling, bridging modeling, hybrid approaches and many others, enable us to address your most complex issues and give you deep insight into how to design and fine-tune your products for maximum market impact.

Case Study - International Cable Network

This client asked us to analyze market conditions and viewer preferences to better understand how program schedule variation affects ratings, and how ratings translate into profits. We created a custom model to determine the impact of viewer preferences on ratings that focused on how scheduling shifts affect viewer behavior. It tested scenarios of hypothetical changes in our client's schedule as well as changes in competitive networks' schedules.

Our model helped the client develop accurate predictions of viewership patterns. And because these patterns emerged through hypothetical scenarios, they were able to war-game a wide array of tactical options without the risk and expense of actually deploying these schedules. The model also allows them to forecast how changes in the prime-time lineup affect advertising revenues.