Product Positioning

Strong brands begin with strong positioning. And strong positioning begins with powerful market segmentation. Once we understand the market segments that drive profitability, we use product positioning in conjunction with market segmentation to maximize your competitive advantage.

At Strategic Insights, we believe product positioning is as simple and as difficult as defining the single intellectual notion that you want to drive in the minds of customers and prospects. To accomplish this, we break positioning into its components, focusing on target, frame of reference, differentiating benefits and support. We then combine deep qualitative insights with powerful, in-house modeling tools to bring quantitative discipline to an otherwise heavily interpretive activity. The results are powerful: Positioning statements that set you apart from the competition, leverage your strengths, and drive revenue and profit.

Case Study - Business & IT Services Provider

Strategic Insights set out to rebuild and reintegrate this client's confused positioning to create a focused value proposition and define their niche. We designed a market research program that identified the client's current position and modeled the impact of positioning changes on penetration and revenue. This included exploratory qualitative work as well as detailed quantitative market research studies.

These studies shed light on how the company was viewed by its current customers and prospects. Coupled with our market segmentation initiative, we identified the most profitable targets and uncovered the single intellectual notion that would most powerfully influence these prospects. Our findings formed the basis of a major repositioning and enabled them to make aggressive strategy adjustments grounded in marketplace realities.