Technology Platform Based Services

Technology Platform Based Services

Market Research Software Development Related Services

  • Proprietary survey software with industry-leading engagement rates
  • Library of complete surveys and individual questions to optimize study development
  • Study design, survey hosting, survey fielding, and reporting/analysis
  • Examples of studies include:
    • Brand awareness and perception
    • Customer and employee satisfaction (including Net Promoter Score)
    • Product demand, positioning, and pricing
    • Customer/audience persona development
    • Event feedback

Data Science Software Development Related Services

  • Implementation of data science software with key corporate information systems
  • Data analysis, aggregation, and cleansing
  • Model development and deployment, including
    • Customer and employee churn
    • Customer acquisition and product purchase propensity
    • Customer segmentation
    • Product recommender systems
    • Predictive maintenance

Market Intelligence Custom Software and API Development

  • Development of web-based as well as native Android and iOS apps, including:
    • Internal tools (dashboards) for Market Intelligence
    • External and Internal Needs Assessment
    • APIs to connect various internal and/or third-party Market Intelligence Applications
    • Do it Yourself Advanced Analytics Platforms

On-Demand Technical Training

  • Guided and Self-Paced Training Programs for:
    • Technology selection (CRM, social networks, website platforms, etc.)
    • Vendor selection and management
    • Digital Marketing plans that include budgeting tools
    • Digital Product Blueprinting