We accelerate sustainable and inclusive growth

Sound market sensing and business intelligence are at the core of an organization’s competitive advantage. We provide digital platform enabled market research and business intelligence services as well as custom primary market research-based insights. Our large scale quantitative and qualitative research help guide our clients in their decision journeys in across several enterprise-wide functions. We weave qualitative and quantitative insights adeptly to provide keen insights for market positioning, branding, new product development, service excellence and growth strategies.

We partner with the management, sales, and marketing teams through our thought leadership and our proven techniques and tools. Solid market and data-driven strategy and its seamless execution are our passion. Accelerating a diverse organization’s performance is our commitment.

We help dramatically improve core operational functions & help products, brands, & services stand out in the marketplace through AI powered Market Research, Business Intelligence, Advanced Analytics

Our AI powered digital platforms present business intelligence and market sensing information on demand and with user friendly interfaces. They integrate real time feeds and macro-economic indicator data to help our clients with critical decision-making needs.

Who we are

Client-intensive in style, we immerse ourselves in your organization. We partner with your strategy, new product development, sales and marketing, HR, Diversity and Inclusion and Supplier Diversity teams through our thought leadership and our proven techniques and tools. Data and metrics driven strategy and its seamless execution is our passion. Our team consists of professionals from top Ph.D. programs and leading business schools. Each brings a well-honed blend of industry expertise, market insight, organizational design experience, and management know-how gained through years of work with clients in widely varied industries and diverse regions of the world.

We put this broad expertise to work to increase your profitability. We ask the hard questions and identify clear, practical solutions for you to grow your business. Our mission is to help you not simply achieve your goals but to surpass them.

About Our Services

  • Market Research and Advanced Analytics
  • AI Powered Platform Hubs for Business Intelligence, Growth Acceleration, and operational excellence
  • Simulation based Scenario Planning interfaces for Strategic Planning
  • Demand and Pricing Simulators
  • New Product Development Research and Consultation
  • Supplier Diversity Best Practices Research and Consultation
  • Sales and Marketing Strategy Playbooks
  • Image and Positioning Coaching
  • Market Strategy Assessment
  • Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty Research
  • Voice of Customer Program Design, Launch, and Implementation

What does it mean to accelerate sustainable and inclusive growth?

Making the case for a new kind of growth