AI Platform Solutions

Market and Business Intelligence

Commercial Intelligence

To keep pace with the ever-changing business landscape, your decisions must be better, faster, smarter. To seize opportunities before your competitors, you need to have the competitive edge.

That’s why we have developed a powerful platform, specifically designed to drive Commercial Intelligence success.

Competitive Intelligence

  • Always on the Ball

With thousands of signals generated every day, the timely monitoring of competitive insights can feel impossible.

Our platform purpose-built to inform critical decisions about content and technology tools – empowering Competitive Intelligence teams to outsmart the competition and drive revenue growth.

R&D Intelligence

  • Have your Eureka moment

Research and Development teams need to innovate and bring drugs to market before competitors, however this is becoming ever more complex and demanding with the overwhelming volume of information produced.

We Provide R & D teams with leading AI Technology to surface the insights needed to accelerate and optimize the complex drug development process. From discovery and development, to preclinical and clinical research, to FDA review -stay ahead of the competition

Regulatory Intelligence

  • Not all rules are Made to be Broken

Technology is rapidly evolving, and for Regulatory professionals, pressure is mounting. Teams must monitor, understand and act upon critical updates to ensure ongoing compliance.

We empower your team and subject matter experts to deliver a proactive regulatory strategy focused on action-oriented outcomes, confidently. Effortlessly.

Strategic Intelligence

  • Every Move Counts

With each new day comes new business threats and opportunities. In order to stay ahead, Strategic Intelligence teams must keep on top of the latest trends, insights and market shifts.

Our platform is purpose-built to gather open-web and premium content – so you can cut through the noise and quickly find the insights that matter.

Advanced Analytics Hubs

Three Ways AI powered Analytics Help Manufacturers

Drive Revenue

  • Predict and forecast demand to allocate resources most profitably
  • Discover deep customer insights to enhance product design and support
  • Create intelligent, connected products that generate innovative business models

Cut Costs

  • Predict maintenance needs before they arise and address them proactively
  • Optimize production while keeping costs low and product quality high
  • Increase supply chain efficiency to maximize profitability
  • Analyze service patterns to improve product design and cut warranty costs

Manage Risk

  • Detect product issues early and improve quality assurance to reduce liability
  • Manage production risks to ensure smooth, consistent product delivery
  • Assess customer service and fix issues before they impact negatively
  • Minimize EH&S risk by predicting the like lihood of harm

Self Managed Survey Platforms

Survey and Analysis Platform

Our interactive, conversational survey software makes market research more fun and effective, leading to higher survey response rates to inform better business decisions and outcomes. Say goodbye to radio buttons, checkboxes, and outdated forms of data collection and hello to a modern, relevant experience that leverages your brand’s look, feel, and tone.

Data Collection Features

Multi-channel, individually trackable participant invitation options for list-based audiences (current customers, prospective customers, former customers, etc.)

  • Email
  • Text messages
  • Social media
  • Website

Online panel configuration to reach millions of respondents worldwide with granular control over demographics, locations, professional profiles, personal habits and preferences, etc.

Survey Experience Features

Chatbot-driven, conversational survey experience to enhance engagement

Leverage your brand’s look and tone with customized theming options

Responsive: looks and functions beautifully on desktop computers, mobile phones, and tablets

Analytical Features

Data analysis, visualization, and reporting with interactive charts, sharable dashboards, and raw data that can be exported into Excel and CRM systems

List management tools to keep your surveys organized by important segments (prospective customers, current customers, etc.)

Data integration with advanced analytics platforms for cross-study, blended analyses

Survey Development Features

Templates of full studies and library of individual questions

Multiple question types

Advanced conditional logic and redirect capabilities

Customer service enhancement tools that can notify corporate personnel immediately if specific types of feedback are received

Optional password-protected surveys for restricted audiences