Market Research & Analytics

Market Assessment

Painting a landscape of the market is the first step in many of our engagements. We don’t just think outside the box in our market assessment work, we redefine the geometry of your market landscape and explore every dimension. Our research is designed to deliver targeted information we then use to answer your strategy questions and help you create practical and effective action plans.Strategic Insights’ purview includes your present and future customers, existing research, industry experts and your competitors-both current and potential.

Building on this broad-spectrum understanding of your situation, we use primary and secondary research to craft workable strategies to accomplish your short- and long-term goals.

Market Segmentation

We believe that the core of any successful go-to-market strategy is a deep understanding of what drives the decisions of customers and key prospects. Segmenting your market-finding and prioritizing the right targets-is the essence of this approach. Market segmentation is both an art and a science, requiring that the practitioner be well versed in the latest, most rigorous marketing science and possess a thorough knowledge of how companies use market insights in real-world situations. Our rare combination of these skills makes Strategic Insights a powerful ally in conducting your market segmentation. We locate your most promising prospects using a carefully crafted selection process to ensure the segmentation is based on the attitudes and beliefs that most impact your market.

Your market segmentation becomes a tool that can help drive revenue and profit and also be used effectively in your sales and marketing efforts.

Brand Equity & ROI Modeling

Using advanced proprietary techniques, Strategic Insights assesses and quantifies brand drivers to help you clarify the marketing investment levels required to meet your sales target. Our exclusive model traces marketing investments through a set of performance measures to evaluate the efficiency of branding and marketing activities.We help you fully understand the effectiveness of your marketing mix drivers, and we model “what if” marketing spending scenarios. This ROI modeling gives your brand a benchmark relative to your competitors and helps you better manage your return on investment in branding and marketing communications.

Product Positioning

Strong brands begin with strong positioning. And strong positioning begins with powerful market segmentation. Once we understand the market segments that drive profitability, we use product positioning in conjunction with market segmentation to maximize your competitive advantage.At Strategic Insights, we believe product positioning is as simple and as difficult as defining the single intellectual notion that you want to drive in the minds of customers and prospects. To accomplish this, we break positioning into its components, focusing on target, frame of reference, differentiating benefits and support. We then combine deep qualitative insights with powerful, in-house modeling tools to bring quantitative discipline to an otherwise heavily interpretive activity. The results are powerful: Positioning statements that set you apart from the competition, leverage your strengths, and drive revenue and profit.


Finding the right pricing strategy can be complex. It requires a clear understanding of what customers will pay, an ability to accurately model pro-forma implications of pricing strategy changes, an assessment of the positioning implications of a changed strategy, and attention to regulatory and legal issues, among many other considerations. Strategic Insights has significant experience researching markets to determine pricing. We’ll guide you to an optimal balance between market penetration and revenue growth.

To do this, we combine extensive secondary research and deep analysis of your internal constituents with solid market insights. Our analysis addresses business issues such as:

  • Introductory product pricing
  • Pricing impact on contribution margin or market share
  • Pricing elasticity or flexibility
  • Potential competitive response

Customer Satisfaction Measurement & Modeling

Delighting customers is the lifeblood of any customer-driven enterprise. Strategic Insights helps organizations maintain this customer focus by measuring and tracking customer satisfaction. Our approach combines top-level modeling techniques with carefully developed, standardized measures of satisfaction and its drivers. Our analysis explores the roots of satisfaction and dissatisfaction, including the preferences and drivers that influence the behavior of your current customers, your former customers and your competitors’ customers. We identify vulnerable customers, develop retention strategies and enhance brand-building efforts, and our retention and loyalty models have strengthened customer metrics for numerous clients.

We also help you assess the link between employee satisfaction and customer satisfaction, giving you a clear operational direction that heightens your customer satisfaction efforts.